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Solutions for Carriers and Mobile Operators

Xylen offers a range of opportunities and partnerships for telecom carriers and mobile operators. We are continuously looking to develop mutually beneficial business ventures on a global scale.

Voice Solutions



Xylen is interconnected with multiple carriers globally with its own dedicated secure VOIP softswitch. In addition to standard voice (wholesale & retail) services, we also offer inbound geo and non-geo numbers, bespoke white label portals with CDRs and reporting, cloud voip services and mobile recharge/top-up corporate solutions.


To partner with us or discuss your project, please use the below contact form and someone from our team will get in touch.

Roaming Solutions


Roaming is a now one of the key components for mobile network operators. According to Juniper Research, Mobile Data Roaming revenues will reach $31 billion by 2022.


Xylen is currently working with several MNOs on a market leading and innovative roaming solution. Launched in 2019, we now offer a fully managed platform with almost zero technical requirement and no cost to the MNO whilst increasing your revenues. The roaming solutions offers numerous benefits-

  • YOLO roam service brings incremental net revenues for visited operators without impacting existing roaming business.

  • Easy implementation within 4 weeks, no technical complexities.

  • Proof of Concept (POC) trial available for the YOLO roam service. 

  • Guaranteed revenue commitment to secure additional roaming revenues.

  • Inbound Roaming Service builds positive end-user relationships, encouraging loyalty for future visits.


Onboarding and project deployment can be completed within weeks and positive results will be achieved within the first few months. Our online platform also provides key analytics and information to help you assess project performance.


For more information, please click on the below button to book a 15 minutes meeting with one of our roaming specialists. 

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